Custom Business Software


In today's fiercely competitive business environment, you need to work smarter, not harder.

Recognizing that small businesses generate an exceptional amount of data, and paper-based spreadsheets and reports can breed inefficiency and lead to costly errors, finding relevant and efficient business software is essential. While off-the-shelf solutions are enticing, they are cumbersome and rarely align with the specific demands of your company.


At Fairwinds Technologies, we develop custom software and database solutions that respond to your business dynamics and operational needs. At the same time, we streamline the handling of data, eliminate redundant administrative tasks, automate fussy business processes, simplify reporting, and allow you to sort and view business-critical information with the click of a mouse.

Custom database solutions allow you to:

  • Enjoy a user friendly, logical and familiar interface
  • Simplify business processes and eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Manage large amounts of information with minimal effort
  • Data entry from a single location propagates throughout the system
  • Generate time sensitive operational and financial reports
  • Consolidate and centralize information

Database Solutions

With a relational database, you enter information once and it is automatically distributed throughout your network of administrative functions such as client contact information, inventory management, order processing, invoicing, timesheets, and payroll. This allows you to produce reports, gain insights, respond to business dynamics at whatever time intervals you choose. In addition, relational databases are easy to expand, allowing for the insertion of new data categories without costly modifications.

Depending on the amount of information, number of users and complexity of reports you require, there are two primary database solutions we recommend:

  • MS Access
    For the demands of most small businesses, we rely upon Microsoft Access, a powerful, efficient, and affordable relational database management system (RDBMS). The advantages of MS Access include:
    • an established application with a proven history and reliable performance.
    • as part of the MS Office Suite, continuity and adequate support can be projected.
    • backups are as easy as copying a file.
  • SQL Server
    When a more robust option is required, SQL Server with a VB.NET user interface may be a more appropriate solution. When complex calculations, large amounts of data and increased security features are needed, or for situations where there will be more than 15 to 20 users, VB.NET/SQL Server is a solid solution for enterprise level performance.

In some circumstances the best solution may be a combination of a VB.NET interface with an MS Access database. Other times, we may find your requirements are better addressed with an MS Access interface and the storage capability of SQL Server.

Since our process always begins with a thorough analysis of your unique business dynamics, we are well positioned to recommend the most appropriate solution.