Website Design & Development


Whether you need an entirely new website, a makeover, updates to content, or enhancements to functionalities, Fairwinds Technologies has a full range of creative and technical services that will satisfy all your interactive needs.


The websites we produce are:

  • DISTINCTIVE - a look and feel that positions your company well ahead of its closest rival.
  • ENGAGING - a user experience that is emotionally satisfying, resonates with visitors, and compels further investigation.
  • EASY TO NAVIGATE - a user interface that is intuitive and easy to understand, allowing visitors to easily and efficiently find the products and services they need.
  • TAILORED - everything we build is customized to suit your needs and expectations. Our systems do not rely on prefabricated, third-party technologies or templates, giving us the freedom to set concise parameters for every aspect of your online environment.
  • RESPONSIVE - design configurations that adjust to suit desktop computers, tablets, phones and other such mobile devices.
  • MANAGEABLE - with front-end designs backed by a robust database and custom content management system, it's easy to keep your subject matter current and up to date.
  • 100% CLIENT OWNED - recognizing how important it is for you to have total control and immediate access, we create websites and functionalities that give you complete ownership. Other than hosting services, there are no operating partners or other such external providers necessary to sustain and/or support your interactive environment.
  • AUTOMATED - when it comes to business functions such as e-commerce, sales support, inventory control, human resources, accounting, etc., we build back-end systems that eliminate the need for inefficient paper-based processes.

To achieve these objectives, some of the technologies we use include:

  • Development technologies: VB.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, JavaScript
  • Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access

Since all of the websites we develop are fully owned by our clients, and proprietary information is stored in these environments, we prefer to demonstrate back-end solutions such as content management, sales support, administrative processes, data storage and other such operational features in person. To schedule this presentation, click here.

For now, we invite you to investigate and enjoy some of the websites and interactive experiences we have created.